Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Tips to Improve Your Business Online Presence with Social Media

We all are well aware of the power of Social Media. In business, media is crucial for increasing the
brand awareness; collect the information and suggestion about the products and services. It can help to promote right things at the right time.

So, have you taken out time to set-up social media accounts? If yes... Are you taking out enough time to post regularly, to interact with your customers and using your social-media platforms as an opportunity to share information about your products or services.  Remember, only through effective interaction, you'll be able to build strong relationships with your customers and improve your business sustainability.

Let’ just get into the major tips to improve business online presence:

Choose the Right Platforms

Before creating an account on any Social Media platform make sure you know which social media platform is right for your business growth. 

  • Facebook: Is one of the largest social media platforms, Facebook experiences over 700 million active monthly users. If you are looking to reach out the wider audiences, Facebook is the place to start. Here is some strategy that makes your Facebook Marketing to next level. If you are new on Facebook world visit here and known how to Create Facebook business page
  • Twitter: Twitter is matchless when it comes to content distribution and one-on-one customer engagement. Twitter users are more likely to make purchases from the brands they follow. If this is important to you, Twitter is the perfect platform. Follow your target audience and try to interact with them on a regular basis.
  • Instagram: Instagram is one my favorite Social Media platforms. It has a very less competition with the more engaged audience than any other platforms. It allows you to use images and a short video to enhance your customer's experience. When using Instagram, be creative, post attractive images to get the attention and make audiences want to share.
  • YouTube: Videos are always preferable, and YouTube gives you the opportunity to distribute engaging videos to millions of users.  Invest in high-quality videos for engaging conversations and effectively cross-market your brand. Also, read Tips to Improve YouTube Marketing Strategy
Set Up Chat Time

For many small businesses, personal interaction is one the best ways to increase customer satisfaction. Choose a social-media platform, create an event or post with an appropriate hash tag and make the opportunity to interact with the customers. Look for more discussion opportunities with the existing customers; this will help you to maintain the existing level of business success.

Create and Share Quality Content

For businesses, the social media goal is to get engaged with the customers by sharing quality content. But first, you need to look which social-media platforms are getting the most engagement. Are your customers more interested in interacting with you on Facebook, or do they prefer Twitter? What about picture views on Instagram? Which ones do your customers really care about? Remember, the right decision will take your business to another level of success.

Don't be a Spammer:

One of the big mistakes business can make on social media is coming off as the faceless organization with no personality. In today’s world, people identify your business or services properly then use it or hire you. Also, people want to get to know your company on a more personal level.

Give Right Information of Your Business: 

Make sure your business brand name is same on your other social media accounts. Peoples trust on your business if you give the right information to them such as right address, phone, and website. 

Do let me know in the comments below about your favorite platform you use to enhance your business online presence.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Top 8 SEO Plugins For WordPress Website

Search Engine Optimization can help your website to be on the top of major search engines if done properly. WordPress is always the first choice when it comes to creating blog or website- one of the
easy to use platforms. So, if you own a WordPress blog and looking for the best WordPress SEO plugin.

Here is the list of best 8 SEO plugins for WordPress website.

  • Yoast WordPress SEO: Rating (4.8/5) Yoast SEO comes with the plenty of benefits from better content creation to optimization. With the help of Yoast plugin, one can optimize page’s SEO title, meta description, keywords, alt tags, sitemap and breadcrumbs, canonical URLs and much more. This SEO plugin also has an integrated feature like presenting the preview of data you write in it. So there should not be any problems with using this plugin as it can be translated into 23 languages. Yoast Premium pack also available $69 (one website) with extra features such as Internal linking suggestions, Redirect manager, 24/7 premium support, no ads and videos tutorial of the entire plugin.
  • All in One SEO Pack: Rating (4.5/5) All in One SEO Pack release in 2007, one of the best SEO Plugin after Yoast. The basic All in One SEO Pack is available for free. But user also tries pro version of this pack. The cost of pro version is $79 per year. By subscribing pro version user get some extra features such as eCommerce SEO, 1 year of professional support, video sitemaps etc. Overall, All in One SEO Pack is very easy to use and best for beginners.
  • SEO Redirection Plugin: Rating (4.6/5) SEO Redirection Plugin help the user to manage 301 redirections and to track of 404 errors so that user fix those errors. This plugin also stores all redirects on your website in a table which is stored in your WordPress database. Premium version of SEO Redirection is also available i.e. Regular license (1 site) $29 and Extended (Unlimited sites) $69.
  • Google XML Sitemaps: Rating (4.9/5) One of the best plugins to generate sitemaps on your WordPress blog/site. Whenever you publish a post, this plugin updates the XML sitemap. It lets you change the post/page priorities and sitemap content through the configuration screen itself. Also, this plugin is free for everyone both personal and commercial blog/sites.
  • Broken Link checker: Rating (4.2/5) As the name says broken link checker, this plugin helps in finding and fixing all internal and external broken links and missing images. The broken links issue can be major or minor, but it’s very important to fix them. The Broken Link Checker plugin one of the powerful and very simple to use tool help your blog to enhance performance on a search engine. With more than 400,000 active installs and a high rating, it’s worth checking out.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) Rating (4.5/5) Google Analytics plugin helps users to track their website visitor using latest Google Analytics tracking code. Also, it is completely free of cost. The user can track real time number of visitors on website, channels & sources details.
  • Mobile Friendly Plugin WPtouch: Rating (4.5/5) You might think that it doesn’t matter to you, and if your site visitors primarily visit from the desktop, you might be right – for now. But mobile usage has risen hugely in recent years around 75% of users visit your website through their mobile phones. Yes, that’s true. Optimizing your website for mobile phones can bring a lot of potential traffic to your website. It’s a must-have SEO plugin! Wptouch mobile plugin one of the best plugin automatically add a mobile theme for mobile visitors to your WordPress site. User can also customize their site mobile appearance using this plugin.
  • SEO Friendly Images: Rating (3.1/5) It’s one of the most downloaded and best plugins to create SEO friendly images. It allows you to add Alt tag to images based on the settings you provide in the configuration page. By using this free plugin you can easily add the target keyword in the alt tag of an image. It optimizes your blog images which mean you can optimize the posts, pages and alt texts altogether.
These are some of the must-have SEO plugins for WordPress websites. These WordPress SEO plugins will help you to aid the process of Search Engine Optimization on your website/blog.

Do let us know in the comments below about your favorite SEO plugin.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Mental Calculation: Make Your Kids Bright With Strong Base on Mathematics

Mathematics is an important subject in schools and colleges. Some students are very good in calculations. They have either inherited it from their ancestors or had utilized their brain while
solving arithmetic sums. But, mathematics teachers mostly find students getting very poor marks on this subject. Most of them have claimed about fear for mathematics. It is because the teachers teach the subject in a very rigid way. They have the primitive style of teaching which involves lots of lengthy calculations and formula. Students dislike the technique and develop the fear of mathematics. Today, the style of teaching Math is totally changed. Mental math is a way to make the mathematics base of students very strong.

Mental calculation

You can now calculate the result of a problem mentally. Most of the students need a pen and a paper. It is because they never did mental calculation math. In present days teaching method, the teacher will teach a student about calculating the mathematics in their mind. This is the way of learning sums without the use of tools and accessories. You cannot use a pen, pencil, and paper. This is done entirely within your mind. The arithmetic can be solved mentally. Students get interested in solving problems in their mind. Teacher organizes a quiz session with many participants within the class. This attempt boosts each student as their mind become competitive.

Work of a Math Trainer

This is the world of internet. There are various apps and digital ways to solve your math fear. You can get online mathematics tools for help. One of the calculation tools available online is called the Math trainer. If you have fear of math, this will be the best way to solve. The online tool can give you answer any type of question-related to arithmetic. You can easily add, subtract, multiply and divide. But, while taking the help of tools, you will totally forget your mathematics. Thus, it is always better to practice mathematics by yourself. Do it mentally by using your brain.

Access to Math App

The age of smart phone and gadgets could not stop children handing the Android smart phones. They can easily install the wide range of apps according to their wish. They use such phones for online games. Math app is something you can get in your play store. The apple users can also get this benefit. All you have to do is open the play store or the apple store and choose the appropriate math app you require. Then press the install button. It will start installing. The smart phone will also show you the percentage of installation completed. You have to wait till the installation is complete. An icon of the particular app will be shown on your mobile screen. Whenever you have to have an access to the app, you must click that icon.

Mental Math is the best way of making your mind sharp. If you have school going kids at home, you must make them practice mental calculation. They will get a sharp mind towards mathematics.